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We are one of the leading providers for Composites Material and Product manufacturing, services to the Sports, Watch components, Auto parts, 3C parts and Consumer product industries. We have vast experience in Thermoplastic, Thermoset and Hybrid material composites production and development.
Woven, UD and forged composites material products are the main merchandise that we are serving. We specialize in capabilities and proprietary processing techniques, set us apart from the competition.
In 2020, We invest our development in Sustainable Plastic Materials, developing customer-specific and application-specific compounds using renewable or bio-based raw materials, we are aiming to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable plastic materials and we are playing a pioneering role in the innovative developments involved. In close contact with its customers and with a reliable network of raw materials suppliers, you will benefit from its core competence in custom-engineered sustainable plastic materials on both existing and new, innovative formulations.

我們在複合材料和產品製造行業中是領先的供應商之一,客戶包括有運動產品、手錶零件、汽車零件、3C 零件和消費品行業。 我們在熱塑性、熱固性和混合性複合材料的生產及產品開發方面擁有豐富的經驗。
機織、單向和鍛造複合材料及其製品是我們所生產。 因我們專注於專業的加工技術和生產,這促使我們在衆競爭者中脫穎而出。
2020年,我們投資可持續性塑膠材料的發展,使用可再生或生物基材料來開發客戶特定的和特殊應用的化合物,我們旨在滿足對環保和可持續塑料材料日益增長的需求,及作為先鋒的角色,帶領各個涉及創新發展的行業。 通過與客戶和可靠的原材料供應商網絡密切聯繫,您將會受益於創新配方,提高可持續塑膠材料發展方面的核心競爭力和優勢。