Sustainable Plastic


A sustainable plastic material address the needs of consumers without damaging our environment, health, and economy. To do this, researchers are working to develop polymers that, when compared with their non-sustainable counterparts, WE:

We supply different sustainable plastic material, e.g. Bio Based plastic, Recycled plastic. (PC, PP, PA, TPE, TPU, ABS) Which can pass UL, EU, FDA, LFGB, EN…. We have different sustainable material to support your sustainable product or project.
可持續性塑膠材料可以在不損害我們的環境、健康和經濟的情況下滿足消費者的需求。 為此,我們正在努力開發聚合物,與不可持續的同行相比,我們:

我們提供不同種類的可持續塑料材料,例如 生物基塑料,再生塑料。 (PC、PP、PA、TPE、TPU、ABS、PE…..)

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